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Green Automated Smart Home Design in Connecticut

venetian blindsGreen home design in Fairfield and Fairfield County, CT is easy with an automated home system from Smarthome and Theater Systems. Once you’ve invested in an automated home system and have it installed in your home, you’ll immediately be able to appreciate the benefits of a smart home, which include energy efficiency and comfort, just to name a few.

By finding new ways to help save energy every day, your home will become more eco-friendly and will cost you much less in heating bills. Lights can operate on motion sensors to turn on when you enter the room and off as you leave.

Automated windows can open the shades on the east side of the home in the morning, welcoming in the sunlight, warmth, and beauty until late morning when the sun is overhead. Then, these automated windows can close the shades on the east and open the ones on the west, letting in the light and energy of the setting sun.

bedroom motorized shadesAn automated heating and cooling system in Milford, CT is capable of much more than just keeping the temperature steady. Arm your alarm on a weekday or for a vacation, and the house will keep the pipes from freezing while saving as much energy as possible as you enjoy your time away from home.

When you’re at work, the temperature can be set to lower over the course of the day and slowly rise back up to comfortable temperatures by the time you get home.

Energy Efficient System in Fairfield and New Haven County

energy monitoring software

If you’re on vacation, an automated system in CT can do much more than simply lower the heat. Your entire home can hibernate as you leave, turning off the water and water heater while you’re away. Smart home systems even exist that can water your plants!

And when a smart home automated system is set to water your lawn, it takes more than the time of day into consideration. The current technology allows the lawn irrigation system in Fairfield or Hartford to “wait” an hour or two if rains are predicted in the area, saving you unnecessary and wasteful yard watering right before a storm.

The subtle efficiency of these systems is unmistakable. With almost no effort at all, these home automation systems can keep you saving money while enjoying comfort and convenience in your home at all times. And that’s the idea: low maintenance, high tech.

If you’d like an estimate on a green home automation system in Fairfield, New Haven, Hartford counties or anywhere else in Connecticut, call or contact us today for an analysis!

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