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Structured Wiring Systems in Connecticut

Structured wiring is a way of organizing your low voltage wiring in your home. Today's homes have many more requirements when it comes to low voltage wiring and require a more organized approach.

By organizing phone, cable, satellite, Closed Circuit TV, Distributed Audio and Internet connections from a central location and running many connections into each room, Smarthome and Theater Systems can prepare homes for any changes in the future by making it a smarter home.

Structured wiring is therefore a great way to increase the value of your home. For a relatively small initial investment, your home will be ready for whatever the future throws at it.

If you are building a new home or renovating a current home, now is the time to invest in structured wiring.

How Structured Wiring Helps a CT Smart Home, Home Theater, or Security System

structured wiring for your custom home

One of the challenges of redecorating your home is that connections for appliances are only available in certain rooms, in certain locations. A computer needs an Internet connection, a phone needs a phone jack, a television needs a cable outlet, etc.

A home pre-wired by Smarthome and Theater Systems would have each of these connections available in several locations in every room. Now you can rearrange your rooms, home theaters based on your individual tastes, not on where the connections are located.

Additionally, since the low voltage services you use in your home are all housed in a centralized location, you will have control over the services that are available in each room.

If you don't want your children to have Internet access in their room, you can disconnect them from the centralized cabinet. Everything is under your control when structured wiring is part of your home.

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