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Tri-City HVAC 8 screen monitoring station in Milford, CT.

Tri-City HVAC 8 screen monitoring station in Milford, CT.

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Tri-City HVAC 8 screen monitoring station in Milford, CT. Tri-City HVAC 8 screen monitoring station in Milford, CT.

Tri-City HVAC Company in Milford, CT. wanted to have a video wall montioring station for the office/company where they can monitor, control and view multiple sites at once. They can monitor their service trucks, service calls, website, blog, facebooks and more all in one location. This is a great example of what many companies are transitioning to in their offices. You can customize the video wall to suit the needs of your company/office and we can help.

Cody White Funeral Home Installation in Milford, CT

Cody White Funeral Home Installation in Milford, CT

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Cody White Funeral Home Installation in Milford, CT Cody White Funeral Home Installation in Milford, CT

Cody White Funeral Home in beautiful Downtown Milford, CT. has a gorgeous frame TV mounted for patrons to view when they arrive with digital signage that will list the names of the viewings. Instead of an letter board you can now offer digital signage in your business. When there are no viewings you can switch the TV over to display an art picture and when viewed it looks like a framed picture not a TV.  With digital signage you can change the message at anytime with adding pictures, poems, etc. You can easily control the TV and digital signage from your desk or ipad.

TV Mount over fireplace with all wires hidden in Milford, CT.

TV Mount over fireplace with all wires hidden in Milford, CT.

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TV Mount over fireplace with all wires hidden in Milford, CT. TV Mount over fireplace with all wires hidden in Milford, CT.

This family just moved into to their first home, and wanted their TV to be hung over the fireplace with all the wires hidden. They had their TV on a stand with wires all over the place, and wanted more space in their living room with a cleaner look. They also have children and had safety concerns with the TV on the stand.

The family supplied the TV but didn't have the mount.  Smarthome was able to hang their TV and hide all the wires by drilling where the TV would be installed and sending the wires to the basement.  Smarthome was able to troubleshoot any issues right on the spot. In the before picture you see the technician measuring, and also talking to the other technician that is in the attic confirming the placement for the TV.

Smarthome was also able to help with the wiring for their phone system after the TV install. This was not an initial part of the request, but was asked of our team when they completed the install. Smarthome was able to help the family.

Hanging the TV while hiding all the wires is a common request that we receive often. We highly recommend contacting a professional to complete the installation. Sometimes we receive calls where clients attempt to hang the TV themselves, and make unnecessary holes. This causes them to run into trouble. Contact us for a free in home consultation today.

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Residential & Corporate Theater, Audio and Smarthome Installers in Milford, CT

Anyone can stick a movie in a DVD player and watch it in their Milford, CT home. If you want to watch the movie the way it was meant to be seen, it is time to kick things up a notch. SmartHome & Theater Solutions can provide you with a home theater system in your Milford, CT home that will optimize your entire entertainment experience. Smarthome & Theater Solutions takes the whole picture into account when designing a home theater system - from the sound, picture and seating to the highest performing products in the business.

Adding a home theater to your Milford, CT home is the most entertaining and exciting upgrade you can install. Compared to many other upgrades that may sit for weeks or even months without being used- such as a billiards table, swimming pool, or personal spa- you'll want to use your Milford home theater much more often and will get much more enjoyment out of it.

Milford, Connecticut home theaters come in a wide range of varieties- from an extravagant and luxurious setup to a reasonable and enjoyable home theater installation. Through your Milford, CT home theater assessment and interview, SmartHome & Theater Systems can help you find type of theater that is best for your Milford, CT home.

For an in-home consultation, contact us today!

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Work Requests From Milford, CT
Snug Harbor Road in Milford
I am buying this home. It is currently wired with a Savant system but the owner will be taking that system. I would like to know what can be done to wire my tvs, etc.
East Broadway in Milford
I'm looking to set up a projection screen setup for my living room- expected tech includes screen (size dependent on your recommendation re space) projector, Apple TV, connected to Ethernet, hdmi connection.
Seabreeze Avenue in Milford
I have moved in to a house with two existing wall brackets in two of the rooms that are without the tv side of the mount. I don't want to drill new holes In the walls - are you able to use the existing wall mounts with new tv brackets or if not possible fit full new wall mount units in the existing holes. There must be an easy solution without having to drill again!
Mills Ave in Milford
I am planning setup a home theater with projector and surrounding system in finished basement. I'd like to get quote for this installation.
Hawley Ave in Milford
I would like to receive a price for a home theatre / speaker system. Please email me with your best contact info. Thanks.
Hillside Avenue in Milford
Home renovations in process. As a part of the renovations the current TV set up will need to be taken down and then set back up again.
Morningside Drive in Milford
Currently we have a 9 yr old elan system that we would like to update. We are interested in upgrading the outdoor cameras and sound system
Green Meadow Rd in Milford
I have a 55 inch tv I would like wall mounted and connected to existing home theater system and the wires concealed. I have a second tv I would like wall mounted in the finished basement also.
New Construction in Milford
New Construction in Milford. Would like meet and discuss prior to building plan completion.
Stiles Street in Milford
I'm looking to have my recently purchased surround sound wired as well as consolidating all my wires and boxes into a book case right next to the TV while using IR repeaters. The TV is mounted on a fireplace so the wires are currently running through the grout of the fireplace and want to clean that up. Only connecting a cable box, blu-ray player and surround sound.
Elton in Milford
Hi, I'm interested in mounting a 52 inc television over my fire place and having an audio system installed. Leaning towards a Sony HTST7 w/ wireless subwoofer. Would like to have minimal wires visible. Could you give me an estimate of the cost? Preferably by e-mail Thanks.
Broadway in Milford
Would like to discuss budgetary numbers for a home I may build. In the evaluation stage now!
Research Drive in Milford
We are looking to have AV table boxes installed into two conference room tables. Cables have been run, but the actual AV table boxes have not been purchased and will need to be installed. Looking for at least HDMI, Ethernet and power in one table, and power and Ethernet in the other. Thank you for your time.
Seaview Ave in Milford
Want to install projector and 82" projector screen, add surround sound to already-existing ceiling speakers, hook up other speakers in house
Lexington Way S in Milford
Hi - I am looking for installation services for a television above my fireplace. Thanks.