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homeIn a perfect world, the electronics in our Connecticut homes would respond to our individual needs automatically.

Each device would work flawlessly and seamlessly with aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interfaces -- designed for us, not for a computer engineer.

In our world, the home is quickly becoming a collection of autonomous controls that barely communicate. Proprietary timers and remote controls need time and attention to keep them working properly.

The "universal" remote control can only control entertainment and lighting, at best.

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A smart home brings the perfect world to our world

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Using an advanced central control system, a smart home links together separate devices, allowing them to operate as a team.

It can integrate all of your individual climate controls, artificial and natural lighting controls, security, surveillance, irrigation, gate and door controls, entertainment and more. Now you can tame your technology and make it work for you, saving time and energy.

The team at Smarthome and Theater Systems of Milford, CT understands that a good smart home is easy to use and customized to fit your needs, not just a bunch of counter-intuitive touchscreens.

While a smart home is still in the planning stages, we take the time to interview you and learn how you would like your smart home to behave.

This way, we can know how much control you want over each part of your home. For instance, you may want complete control of your lighting but more automation for your irrigation system.

Maybe you want to be able to control various systems via the Internet, or perhaps you would like to make a phone call to warm up your hot tub on a cool fall evening. The interview process helps us determine what features are important to you.

Our unique approach to smart homes ensures that we invest our time tailoring your home to work with you, not against you. Call or contact us for an in-home analysis for your Connecticut smart home or home theater today!

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