Why A Smart Home?

What can a Smart home do for me?

Energy Savings in Connecticut

Smart Home Control

Smarthome and Theater Systems can help by finding ways to use less energy every day, which will help the environment and save costs at the same time. A smart home in Connecticut pitches in during the winter months by taking advantage of the sun's power automatically. Natural sunlight is a great heat source and it can be harnessed easily by opening the shades on the east side of our home in the morning, closing them late morning and opening them on the west side in the afternoon and evening.

This energy, combined with lowering the thermostat during the day, can substantially reduce heating bills. All you have to do is arm your alarm on a weekday and your smart home will take care of the rest. Set your alarm for vacation mode and save even more on energy while away.

Smart Decisions

Smart Gym!

Isn't it nice when everything just works? Most irrigation systems available today will take into account the moisture of the ground to decide whether or not to water your lawn at the preset time. But if this were part of a smart home, the system would be aware if the skies were cloudy and the forecast called for rain soon. In this case, it would delay the watering an hour or two, expecting nature to do the job for free.

A smart home can even overcome our own forgetfulness. One summer day, you're hosting some prospective clients at a backyard party. All the food and guests are settled when 6:00 rolls around, the sprinkler system checks the dry ground and decides to turn on the water. You probably won't be closing any big deals today.

If only the irrigation system had been working as part of a team, the smart home would have known that the yard was occupied (it's controlling the music on the back patio, after all), and automatically rescheduled the watering for the next morning.

Smart decisions assist the everyday lives of smart home owners. Learn more about home automation in Connecticut.

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