Dedicated Home Theater

Dedicated Home Theaters in CT

To truly experience a movie the way the director intended it to be, you must recreate the environment used to produce the film. These dedicated theaters are superior to cinemas in every way, from audio and video quality, to lighting and seating.

Smarthome and Theater Systems works directly with you and your builder to design a custom dedicated theater you will enjoy for the life of your home. Call us or Email us for an evaluation and home theater estimate.


The Best Picture
STS uses projectors featuring the Texas Instruments DLP™ chip. These projectors have a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) that provides one of the highest-quality images available in a projector. Coupled with one of our fixed or motorized projection screens, we can create images with superior resolution at sizes from 80 inches to 20 feet and more. STS also ensures that your theater design incorporates the proper sight angles and viewing distances so that you never have a sore neck or have to see someone's head in front of you.

The Best Sound
STS theater designs focus closely on reproducing the post production floor so that your theater replicates what the movie's sound engineers heard when they created the soundtrack. Speaker placement, sound treatments and seating are all taken into account when designing your theater. STS attends regular seminars on theater design and acoustics to make sure that we are always ahead of the changes in technology. An STS theater is designed to outperform your multiplex theater every time.

The Best Design
Home theaters in cities of Connecticut like Greenwich, Fairfield, Westport, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Madison, Norwalk, New Haven, Hartford are designed not only to sound good but also to look good. We will work with your interior designer and builder to accommodate any theme you would like. This does not come at the expense of quality; every custom design takes advantage of the very best products.

The Best Control
Every dedicated theater we make can leverage the control of our advanced touch-panel systems. We customize every control system based on input from you, as we believe that a home theater should always be simple to use, even with the best electronics available. An STS control system lets you change all aspects of your theater, including HVAC, lighting and seating.

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