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Horizon Keypads by Creston feature a distinctively clean aesthetic appearance that can be customized to blend in or stand out in any decor.

Top and bottom trim pieces are interchangeable to suit any decor and provide the ultimate in style and elegance. Exceptional button feel and multi-color RGB LED back lighting makes these keypads a popular request.

Horizon keypad buttons are laser engravable with custom text labeling to identify each button’s function. Behind each button is an RGB LED back-light, which illuminates the engraved label and can be adjusted to achieve any color in the gamut. Pure white back-lighting is also possible in addition to a full range of whites across the full range of CCT values. A built-in ambient light sensor enables auto-dimming of the back-light brightness and color according to day and night mode presets.

Key Features:

  • Bespoke designer aesthetics
  • Precision fit and finish
  • Exceptional button feel
  • Generously sized buttons
  • Custom back-lit laser-etched engraving 
  • Multi-color RGB LED back-lighting
  • Auto-dimming day/night back-light modes
  • Button feedback via back-light brightness or color change
  • Highly configurable button layout
  • Choice of standard push buttons and/or rocker buttons 
  • Rocker buttons available in three sizes 
  • Single-gang U.S. wall box installation
  • Gangable up to four across using Crestron Horizon multi-gang faceplates (HZ-FP-G series) 
  • Contiguous button surface when multi-ganged 
  • Distinctively customizable faceplate trim options
  • Compatible with Crestron® Horizon™ faceplates only (HZ-FP-G series)
  • Single-gang faceplate included
  • Fully programmable via a Crestron® control system
  • Cresnet® control system interface
  • Crestron Pyng® compatible
  • Dual Cresnet ports for easy daisy-chaining
  • Two control input ports for external sensors

Contact us today to learn more about the horizon keypads. Call 203-659-4734 or email [email protected]



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