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Residential Solutions Photo Album: Custom New Build Home Theater with Twinkling Ceiling Lights in Rocky Hill, CT.

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This installation was a new home build in Rocky Hill, CT. I remember when the call came into the office, the client was building a home he wanted a home theater room with a ceiling that looked like twinkling stars. No problem.

This awesome installation included a full custom build theater room with 8 reclining chairs, stadium seating, projector, projector screen, blackout shades, wiring, lights, custom optical ceiling and more. Not only does the client have twinkling lights in the ceiling there are also shooting stars. The client can choose from different modes for the optical ceiling lights.

We were there from the beginning stages when the house was being built and we love to be a part of the installation from the early stages.  When the walls aren't up yet we can run wires wherever is needed and be a part of the planning process from day one. It's easier to make changes when the walls are built yet, for example, adding another lighting fixture or removing one.

The room is beautiful and we are so happy to show you the stages from beginning to the end of this awesome installation. Let us know what you think of the install and what you think of the lights. Would this be something you would like in your home?

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