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Disappearing Art

Friday, September 28th, 2018 by Erika Fonck

Looks like a framed piece of art right? That's because it is!
Frame TV\'s - Image 1
See that picture of the Zebra on the wall, that is actually a TV. You have to see
it to believe it. Our client was so happy with their installation and surprised how you couldn't even tell it was a TV.
This incredible Frame TV counteracts as a Framed piece of art on the wall when the TV is not being used. The choice is yours when it comes to The Frame. Pick the ideal customizable frame for your space, taste, or artwork — magnets make it simple to attach and detach for a different style if you wish to change them periodically.
Frame TV\'s - Image 2
This installation at Cody White Funeral Home in beautiful Downtown Milford, CT. has a gorgeous Frame TV mounted for patrons to view when they arrive with digital signage that will list the names of the viewings. Instead of an letter board you can now offer digital signage in your business.
When there are no viewings you can switch the TV over to display an image and when viewed it looks like a framed picture not a TV.  With digital signage you can change the message at anytime with adding pictures, poems, etc. You can easily control the TV and digital signage from your desk or ipad. You can view the photo album of this installation here.
Frame TV or Framed Art? - Image 3
Hangs like a real frame, no gap wall-mount. No gap wall mount means just that. The Frame hangs flush to the wall just like a real picture frame. It's easy to tilt, adjust and blends seamlessly with your decor.
Frame TV or Framed Art? - Image 4
Contact us today to learn more about the Frame TV or schedule a free in home/business consultation today at 203-659-4734 or email us at [email protected]
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