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Corporate Solutions Photo Album: Mid State Medical Linac System in Meriden, CT.

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The administration of Mid State Medical Center wanted to make patients as comfortable as possible while they receive treatment for their life threatening medical issue. Patients need to lie still for up to 30 minutes at a time. They must lie very still for the best results of treatment of their tumors. Reduced stress has been proven to have a positive effect on the treatment of serious medical issues. Anything that can be done to temporarily take the patient's mind off of the seriousness of the situation or just occupy their mind during treatment will create a lower stress level in the patient. The administration also asked for a solution which would differentiate their cancer treatment center from other competing centers in the area. A more relaxed, enjoyable experience is good for the patient and for the hospital as they continually try to provide the best patient care available.

The response from the patients and the administration of the hospital was even better than expected.  The corporate interior design firm produced a video with actual patient and doctor testimonials.  To see the system in action and see just how much the client loves the system, take a look here:

You can view the entire case study on the Linac System we installed here on our website.



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