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Creston Pyng OS2 is here!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 by Erika Fonck

Crestron Pyng® OS 2 powers setup and deployment of the renowned Crestron smart home experience. You can deliver complete customized automation and control of your clients’ homes, including video, at incredible speed. And with an unparalleled user experience they’ll love.

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The one OS for any sized project

Crestron Pyng OS 2 is the only operating system you and your clients need, in any sized home. It brings together the full universe of best-in-class Crestron products in a complete whole home solution: lighting control, shades, audio, climate control, and now video, including Crestron DigitalMedia™ products.

Built for speed

With Crestron Pyng OS 2 you can set up and deploy luxury home automation on any scale in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Just complete a few simple steps, right from an iPad tablet*. No laptop, no programming required. Quickly move on to your next project. 

*Minimum iOS requirements iOS 11 and above

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With support for the powerful Cloud-based, services, Crestron Pyng OS 2 enables you to configure, control, and support your clients systems remotely, saving you time on-site and after deployment.

It gives our clients complete peace of mind knowing that resolution to any problem is just a phone call away.

Time-saving features made possible by the free myCrestron Cloud service.

-Preconfigure lighting control

-Restore the system

-Revert to saved settings

-Monitor device status remotely

-Display logs of every load, device and keypad button press

-Add new features or devices remotely

-Access, update, and support systems from anywhere at anytime

-Order custom engraving for keypads

-Design systems at home, and then deploy on-site

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Crestron Pyng OS 2 – Why it Matters

Beautiful Remotes, spectacular user experience, programming in a fraction of the time.

Programming a full Smarthome has typically been one of the larger costs in the process and Pyng can reduce that time by 90% in some cases. Also, with this release Pyng now can control your TV with handheld remotes. Prior, Pyng was really a environment control – lights, shades, HVAC, Security, door locks, etc. It could not control your entertainment.

Programming a remote to watch cable or stream Netflix was just as cumbersome as before. Now, it only takes moments to add a remote and tell Pyng what devices you want to control.  Faster setup means less time in the house, easier to meet construction deadlines and less costs. All with beautiful, easy to navigate graphics on the remotes and a free app for iPhone and iPad.

Contact us today for a free in home consultation to learn more about Pyng OS 2 at 203-659-4734 or email us at [email protected]

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